Its hard but we gonna make it baby! Cant wait until friday! I so want to know what u gonna ask me!!! Im little nervous! Cant wait..!!!

My laptop is broke for some reason it dont connect to my internet 😦 i so want to put all photos on my fb that was taken when i had this big party last friday! But a friend gonna have a look at it :).

This friday its time again! Big party here then we all are going to Seglarpaviljongen to listen at Daley and Bullen. They gonna be DJs there! And Anton is coming to me ❤ feels like a long time sense i saw u, but it was yesterday. Fuck I miss u! This can be a good thing :)!

Time for a shower, friend coming later, play some gow3 eat pizza and relaxing.


Ever seen the movie Project X?!?! Well my peeps, thats how its gonna be in my appartment this weekend! Me and my wife gonna have a damn big party at my place!!!! Its gonna be fucking awesome, gonna invite lots and damn party until sun goes up and we cant remember our own names ;)! Those who read this and want to come, my number 0723124183 or text me on skype, facebook, kik! Woooop ;D we gonna show how u party like real rockstars ;)!

Now im gonna clean my flat, have a special one coming over later! 🙂 oh plz say i dont get red in my face lmao


Laying in bed. First time sense few days.. I have little problem laying here to be honest. And i have millions of things in my head! Problem sleep! Flashbacks everytime.. But well yeah! Nothing to regret tho 😛 or i dont know! Fuck i dont know.. I probably should of known better. To late to think like that now. But i think i put myself into a little mess, no kinda big mess i must say. Friends, friends and ohh hate this town. Hate the fact that everybody knows eveybody! I need to move and get myself an new life lol, far away! Just sell all my things and go some where and start and new life! That would be so cool! No one knows you :). Shit need to go up early but aint tired ! How do i fix this? Have no idea… Laying and staring at the wall, good idea or not! It dosnt help at all that the bed is in a mess.. Fuck sake.

Good night or something…

Its just

Never been that crazy before. I can’t get it out from my head.. Just thinking of it hole time! Totally wild and insane in every way. And im so surprised at myself! Cuz thats unlike me! But there was something with him! Im trying to figure out what!!!!!!!!!!! I just… Wish…. Again, again and damn always!

And night

Lots going on in my head. Dear god! I dont know what i feel, what i want… Just really confused at the moment and so not want to get hurt. But will see, one day at time it is. Just keep on smiling and love life. One thing is for sure tho, i didnt realized how beautiful i really am until today, Its just…. just amazing. Just thinking, is that me on the photos. Im really glad! Can’t wait until next time hes gonna take photo at me :). I fit perfectly as a model for sure 🙂 Everyone says it. And thats what im planing to do in the future lots of times. Im gonna share my beauteousness with lots of people. I know i can go long with this. I have a really good self confidence and that is just a good thing, but its importsnt to have it in shape and not overdrive it. But i think im going good and lots like me for who i am, that is the best of all. I say night night, busy day tomorrow.

Why? And how the hell is this gonna end? I have many questions but no answer….