Happy ❤ My life is so fucking perfect right now! Totally wonderful friends, lovely boyfriend, good job well couldnt ask for anything else!!


Its saturday and my wifes birthday :D!!!!! we gonnah ave maskerad party hahaha:D… Oh me and nathalie gonnah ave same dresses! Have been putting up ballons and stuff all night. Appartment looks really party flat now lmao. It will come like 40 peeps hee tonight,.It will be a heel of a party i can tell but fun!
Ha ve a good day!

“Try as they may they can never define whats been said between your heart and mine”


Soon saturday and my wife’s birthday :D! Fuck we gonna have a big damn big party in my appartment! Its like 40 peeps coming lmao!!!! And all gonna get dress out! Me and my wife gonna be playboy chicks ;)! Fucking sweet!!!!!! And in the night we all going out to the nightclub!!! I can say already now, the drinks will be for free that night :p!!! We gonna look so damn sexy u could only imagine! It will be fucking mini project X party ;)!!!! Now time for some sleep lots to do tomorrow! And i must fix my fucking iphone!!! And then sell the shit buy a cheap phone that i cant crash lol!