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Laying in bed. First time sense few days.. I have little problem laying here to be honest. And i have millions of things in my head! Problem sleep! Flashbacks everytime.. But well yeah! Nothing to regret tho 😛 or i dont know! Fuck i dont know.. I probably should of known better. To late to think like that now. But i think i put myself into a little mess, no kinda big mess i must say. Friends, friends and ohh hate this town. Hate the fact that everybody knows eveybody! I need to move and get myself an new life lol, far away! Just sell all my things and go some where and start and new life! That would be so cool! No one knows you :). Shit need to go up early but aint tired ! How do i fix this? Have no idea… Laying and staring at the wall, good idea or not! It dosnt help at all that the bed is in a mess.. Fuck sake.

Good night or something…


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Little Emzki from Sweden

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