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Haha what a fun night with sis! Gotta love it! Back pack with 12 beers each on our back, on the inlines for 2 miles puh thats something to show of for ;)! The old ladys still got it in their blood haha!! We fell few times:P! Even end up in a flat where someone we know died in couple of years ago, my sis droped the phone in the sea, watching the stars, lots of laughing, and pain in our back lmfao but so fun :D! Gotta love times like that! Also we ended up in no where land were it was all dark i really mean it, it was no light at all haha!!!! Kinda hard roll in that but we made it! Now, sunny day time to go out and enjoy the sun 🙂 more pics on our trip will come later 😉


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