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Another night

Computers is really pissing me of, have been trying to figure a thing out for almost 3 hours soon and i dont understand how to do or what the hell is wrong, have been take away and download again ohhh im angry now. Im way to dumb when it comes to computers thats really notmy thing. Times like this i should have an boyfriend lol..But well hope i get it sorted out soon, cuz its really annoying And this fucked up internet dosnt make things even better ggrrr!!! And clock is 04.15, and on top of all i haven’t eat sense way to long ago so im hungry as fuck. So i cook myself some pasta haha. So I can sleep good at least. Last night i signed into my xbox profile on I had a few messages people wonder where i am and miss me. I need to fix this. And i was checking some xbox at all this electronic stores in sweden over the internet, i dont get it i just want to buy the damn console same as i used to have, xbox slim 250gb, but they selling with all this stuff that comes to it, games controllers and fuck god know what. i dont need that shit, the point i when u get all that stuff with the xbox it cost damn very much more. Annoying. But well i will find one for sure. I miss it have to admit that, but at the same time its kinda nice to be without it cuz i was little to addict.. i mean there is so much more things to do in life than sit and play also i get older not younger…But its fun for sure. But there is things that not being done at eveings when i sit there. god knows how many dates i have been said no to just becasue i want to play instead and they guys says what the hell? u dont go out with me or meet me cuz u rather play on your xbox.. One time i even had an date here when i was playing haha. Well he liked the fact that i was playing he thought that was damn cool of a girl playing on her xbox hats not many girl like me who doing that lmao. But he didnt like that i didnt give him any attention at all lmfao So i will never do that again haha!!!

The latest days i have been thinking lot about being much more healthier. Im talking about, eat good and healthier food, maybe work out little (EVEN THO I REALLY DONT NEED IT CUZ I HAVE A PERFECT BODY AND LOOK VERY GOOD IN ALL WAY) but just so i feel more good like take long walks and maybe little running. Also try to go to bed little earlier than i do now, in another way take better care of me. And or sure cool down with all the beers ha ha ha.. But well thats just a thought i have 😛 If i make it come true is another story haha. I will do my best for my best. And i will do it for me not cuz everybody tells me to do it. I realized at this landskrona karneval who was for 3 days i ve living little to hard life. But one step at time. I also thinks maybe its time to start dating some guys not that i dont like being single, cuz i do like that, the face that i can do what ever i want. But i actually prefer to have an good relationship with some one i like very much. But things like that gonna take a long time. I just want someone by my side who is there for me. Im tired of all these damn million guys chasing me and lots of them i know only want one thing. I aint that girl whos doing one night stand and shit like that, No not my thing. I want it to be seriously, unfortunately when u look as good as i do many guys just think of one thing… and when u say no to them lots just disappear, kinda sad it can be like that. I just think im worth more than that. So even tho god gave me this wonderful body and personality it aint always easy being me .But guess thats the price i will have to pay :). But rather that then look like shit haha.

Well i think i have to jump into bed now, birds screaming outside, Hate them. Only if they were singing i could go on with them but screaming thing makes me want to take an damn shoot gun and blow their fucking head of!!!!  






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