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All this days have been so fun! And now Landskrona karnevalen is over! Kinda sad its only 3 days :(! To much alcohol for sure! Last thuesday i was really drunk! Then took a rest on wendsday, on thursday it was time again! Really smashed at karnevalen damn so fun! Watching this band called maskinen and me and my friend stood At the table dancing like hell!!! Then out on some bars! Then after party like hell at mickes place! On friday i woke up like 17.00 still drunk! Took an shower opened a beer! And then out again on the karneval! Going round with micke and i bought an Chelsea scarf! After that on the bar Plan B meeting danne! After that into the nightclub fellini! Dancing singing drinking until 03.00 after that time for after party again until 7 in morning! I woke up 19.00 fuck i didnt feel good at all! Trust me on that one! So i drank shit loads of wather eat an panpizza! Took a shower! Then i meet micke and nathalie! Micke gave me an beer but i couldnt drink it i felt so sick!!! We was trying to see this band “joddla med siv” absolutly no succes with that!! To much people couldnt get thru!!! And i was starting to feel dizzy and felt like i was going to throw up! So i went home and first thing i did throwed up the panpizza! My god horrible and sweaty like hell! So no party for me on the saturday! Been way to much alcohol!! I could hear all the people at the karneval haveing fun and was drunk. I was jealous i can say! But well good thing is no hangover today. Only problem is i cant sleep. Its 06.00 and im still awake! Maybe cuz i ve been sleeping thru hole saturday. Well gonna chill down with the alcohol now for awhile! Soon helsingborgs festivalen 26-28 july! So then i gonna party again! Until that just take it really easy and relax. Well i gonna try get some sleep now!


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