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Hello everyone. This is my blog on internet. Its like an diary. I type how i feel, what im doing at days, well about my life. I will also upload photos. Everyone will have access to it so everyone who want to can read it and comment it. I don’t know who will follow me cuz that is anonymous for me. But if you comment just feel free to type your name after. Just would have been fun for me to know who is reading it. I will type in both Swedish and English. Depends on what I feel for. I gonna do my best to write everyday, sometimes not just one post.

Right now i have to clean my apartment because i have a friend coming over later we gonna play some fifa 12 so i don’t really have the time to write so much now at the moment. But in the next post i type little about myself so you will have a clue about who I am. So I Guess im back later in the night again :). Until that take care! I uploaded an photo at myself so at least you see how I look like haha.



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Little Emzki from Sweden

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