So its night again

Sure it is. What a weather we have. My god. Its windy like hell. And pissing down from heaven, have done all Monday and Sunday. Now how boring isn’t that. Just look out from the window makes me little sad, it should be summer but feels like autumn :(.. Anyway, my friend was here little while ago. He came with some burger very nice that was :P. Because i haven’t eat all day. I really have to get better with the eating thing. Not good to be without food so long. We were supposed to play some fifa but both of us to tired.

I have a new laptop, old one broke for some weird reason lmao. So i put my memory card from my digital camera into the laptop, was some really old photos i found there. Makes me hapy to seen them, the old laptop i couldn’t do that haha. Makes me think of, how quick time passing by almost little scary how things change and how fast it goes. There was couple of pictures of last summer. It took me back to summer 2011 when i looked at it. Dear god so fun it was. definitely the best summer i ever had in my life. Almost every day me and Aki were in Helsingborg party like rock stars did we until morning and the sun came up. Just sit there in he sun at the pubs with an ice cold beer just enjoy the weather, people and life. And after the pubs closing we went to night clubs dancing like idiots, i remember i was so sweaty, it was dripping off my face dancing for hours and all the new people we meet. That was good times and for sure trust me on this one, LOTS OF MONEY were spend :P. And actually, i didn’t use so much, it was Aki who did. And even today i cant say thanks enough for that, it was a great time in my life and it will stick with me for my hole life.The boring thing was that i were living with my mum that time. I moved from my old apartment to my mum because i had some problems with some things so i was living in my old room at mums house, now that wasn’t fun move back home again. I were use to do what ever i wanted when i wanted. But in mums house, her rules have to follow and be nice. As some of you know, i like to party i like to be with friends i like to stay up late in night, play high music yeah lots of things like that. And of course i couldn’t do these things at my mums place haha. I even had a time to get home every evening :(. Couldn’t take that. So in august last year i got this apartment i live in now. And i say thank god for that. Haha its nice to have your own place. i don’t understand people who can live back home with their parents, maybe because they never had their own place? what do i know, just i couldn’t deal with it. Once moved out always be out haha. But i shouldn’t just complain about it, it was nice to have the family so close sometimes and to have the dinner on the table every day. But in the end it was to much. Me and my mum always got into fights, because she didn’t like the way i lived :P. But then again i was used to live my own life without any rules and stuff. before i moved back to my mum i had the old apartment for almost 2 years.. So its kinda hard going back to “mums little girl thing” again. I like being on my own. I like the fact that i can come and go in my own home. I can cook my dinner when ever i want to, play on my xbox, turn up the music, drink my beers, invite friends over and all that shit.

So anyway so last summer, me and Aki used to came home to my room at mums place like 5 sometimes 6 in morning really wasted. It happend few times and not proud of it, when i think of it very disrespectful. We tried to be quiet when we got home but didn’t success all the times. Well you know when you are drunk you are little clumsy, sometimes you laughing little to high and stuff like that. Making little to much noise if i may put it in that way. And mum wasn’t happy about that :P. Because sometimes it was in the middle of the week.But well, we all have been young and dumb haven’t we.

There is always some things in life you have done and not proud of but you shouldn’t regret them because that is life experience..

Well that wasn’t what i was planed to type in this post haha. But i was just think of it when i saw all the photos earlier. But in next post i will tell you some things about me and who I am 🙂 But now i gonna watch some TV and talk to some friends over skype who is typing to me now. so i say good night everyone. I will be back tomorrow ;).

X /Emzki



Hello everyone. This is my blog on internet. Its like an diary. I type how i feel, what im doing at days, well about my life. I will also upload photos. Everyone will have access to it so everyone who want to can read it and comment it. I don’t know who will follow me cuz that is anonymous for me. But if you comment just feel free to type your name after. Just would have been fun for me to know who is reading it. I will type in both Swedish and English. Depends on what I feel for. I gonna do my best to write everyday, sometimes not just one post.

Right now i have to clean my apartment because i have a friend coming over later we gonna play some fifa 12 so i don’t really have the time to write so much now at the moment. But in the next post i type little about myself so you will have a clue about who I am. So I Guess im back later in the night again :). Until that take care! I uploaded an photo at myself so at least you see how I look like haha.